So to make friends with the time of the baby


Always late to the kindergarten and have complaints with caregivers? Child stumbles into a class after a bell and catch dirty looks teacher? As, it's time to teach a baby to punctuality. And by catch up on this issue.

Accuracy - a politeness of kings. According to this proverb, many adults and successful men enjoy started to put courses time management, in other words, they go to school, where you are taught not to be late, to do all the time, to pick up the job on time and generally create friends with time. If you teach this baby, no course he does not want them. And however he will be able to manage a life. Left to form out so to do it.

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As the expectant mom cope with cramps


During pregnancy, many gerls regularly occur muscle cramps. Not a most pleasant feeling, though temporary and not serious. So to deal with them?

Cramps - is paroxysmal involuntary muscle contraction. Feels same a strong sharp which reduces muscle pain, often in the lower leg or foot, occasionally - in a hand, neck, toes. In pregnant women, calf cramps are common - you usually occur at night during sleep or in the early after waking up.

Causes of seizures

The basic cause of seizures during pregnancy is a lack of vitamins and minerals. Especially potassium, calcium and magnesium. Читать полностью -->



There is a simple universal method for promoting a construction of pupil's lustiness - is adherence to the time. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the wish to walk outside. The dream is nothing to throw in, talk around it all: teachers, moms and dads, a leading television programs. So for walking, so, for some reason, we enjoy not decided to let infants go out following dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in the street, unfavorable company, unavailability of a baby immediately later a walk taken for homework - all compelling, but only parents invented arguments. Читать полностью -->

10 strict "no" during pregnancy


Pregnancy - is a state of mind, body, and heartiness of a whole body. This is a wonderful and memorable time in a your of the young woman, however, and quite vulnerable. Therefore, the expectant mother can not be vigilant and to be aware that it is strictly forbidden in these 9 weeks paunchy happiness.


The effects of alcohol on a fetus has been correctly investigated. Ethanol readily crosses a placenta directly into the blood of a fetus, causing birth defects. Masks for fase anomalies, microcephaly (underdevelopment of a brain), physical underdevelopment, abnormalities of - that's what threatens a use of alcohol, particularly in a first trimester.


In cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which reacts with hemoglobin and replaces any of the oxygen gas exchange. How a effect, both the mom and the fetus lacks oxygen. Читать полностью -->

All tips from moms


- Ordering Houses

It is as well normally falls on men. Although often connected child grandmother and a lot of take in a own hand. Maximum plan to meet a newborn and mother:

• Wash windows, Carefully wash curtains;

• have rid of a dust on the cabinets and shelves;

• wash a floors, vacuum a rugs / carpet;

• Items that collect dust, consummate to put in any room or on a balcony - old gentle toys, old books, etc., and often worth spending a ruthless revision of all that is in the room;

• assemble a crib, hang on a edge of a bumpers;

• wash the infants's powderise in a washing machine and iron iron sheets for the newborn;

• hang nightlight in the nursery;

• Wash bath limited cleaning agent approved for babies, or protein.

And finally, a surprises and pleasant trifles the day of discharge. There are traditional, shall we say, the classic technique to congratulate a girl 18 years old on the birth of your newborn. This mother flowers, candy and envelope - a nurse, carrying a baby. But a most creative father, how well so family and friends see fit to surprise and please my mother. Читать полностью -->

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