Father at school


In a end, all told at a parent teacher meeting is not a direct guide to action, how upon returning home do not start actively educate children from the doorway. Babies in the case need not be afraid of your returns with a meeting! Think about of the information necessary to adequately and divide all seen and heard on the specifics of the kindergarten, temperament and age of a teacher.

Always remember that the problems in kindergarten (and school) have any kid and please every teacher is simply unrealistic. A job however a wise and loving father - to strive to win the trust of the baby. After getting rid of the fear of being punished and humiliated, baby stop hiding with you all a faults. And at the future meeting to hear a future note to a son or daughter, you can proudly and confidently say that along solved this question with a baby. So it is hard and unpredictable event end up with a father's absolute triumph.

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