Treatment of Pneumonia


In most cases of pneumonia in children demandes admission to hospital. A only reliable technique of its treatment is antibiotics, usually in injections. There are lots of antibiotics. What exactly will approach your newborn, only a medical man may decide on the basis of a thorough examination. If an antibiotic does not work after 3 times it is replaced by any.

If pneumonia is caused by a virus, antibiotics are not used. Treatment of these babies depends on age, severity of disease and type of virus. Viral pneumonia may be severe, in this form of treatment is required in intensive maintenance and breathing oxygen.

In order to be active treatment for pneumonia, the newborn want adhere strictly and prescription. Normally on a full recovery takes with 2 to 4 weeks, longer disease is called long. Babies with great heartiness may feel completely cured in a couple of week later pneumonia while impaired demand more time to recover. During a recovery time does not forbid a child to walk and exercise, try to avoid overcooling and overheating - dress for a weather.

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