The power of attraction


To a newborn has an unhealthy attraction to video games, you claim quite a long time, along with a whole bunch of different factors.

Positive reinforcement

So a rule, familiarity with the baby in some miracle of technology starts at a moment when her mom tries to get him to quickly eat porridge or, for example, to calm, waiting for a turn to see a medic. Pretty soon the way to solve problems is the fastest, efficient and, therefore, the only one. Over time, parents get to apply a gadget in a educational purposes and frequently deprive a baby of a coveted "toys" for bad behavior. Forbidden watermelon is known to be sweet, and how a result of a ordinary "plastic box with a monitor" turns a child into the biggest source of pleasure.

Example of parents

Adult conducting free time on social networks, perceived by the child however a person engaged in about interesting, though not more clear case. If a kid had never seen my mother with a book, and my father, for example, with a screwdriver, it is this - "computer" - leisure, he begins to consider is natural and it is absolutely just a most fun.

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