Kids are terribly impatient.


Asks you to, for example, a son sharpen pencils, you tell him: "Wait five min." You Think about that was just a minute, however he began to moan again. It turns out, it took just 5 min. A child is a time of at least tripled. In babies, the sense of time is inadequate. Most often it is stretched. Therefore, up to 5 years, a babies can not give the same lesson more than Fifteen minutes. That's also why they get no message of "do quickly," "intend to actively" and so on. That's late for them - an abstract category. Mom rushes to the apartment, one hand dyeing eyelashes mascara, and any - tying shoelaces daze, with cries of "late! Late! ". A baby at this time decided to find a favorite machine, pet cat, dokrasit picture in paint. Because my mum's haste to him incomprehensible.

Of course, a fees in the kindergarten and primary school, and at a like time responsible for a delay lies with the parents. But if you need to develop a baby's sense of time, and already with a sense of responsibility, there are a any simple steps.

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