Buckwheat in the food of baby


With early childhood, every of us believe that buckwheat is very effective. But what is a value of a simple item, a put that is always on our table? Tasty and nutritious meals made with buckwheat centuries valued in. Remember a adage, "Buckwheat - our mother?"

Nutritionists argue that the composition of buckwheat as a full, that can change meat diet food or just harmoniously complement the regular carte of a person. It is great to learn so to store and cook buckwheat to conserve its valuable properties.

Today this cereal porridge - a symbol of simple permanent food. In a world of buckwheat is listed yet with a elite soundness foods and are more expensive than regular diet food.

In approximately European supermarkets sell buckwheat in little portions with a bulk of its booklet useful properties. However, on a shelves of stores which would possess been no buckwheat - it is our national symbol edible, in other languages??it sounds simple: «kasha».

But buckwheat does not keep to be porridge. In China, for example, buckwheat floury used to make chocolate. In Japan, buckwheat noodles (soba) - almost how a well-known figure. In South-East Asia are consumed not alone cereals, but a leaves and shoots of buckwheat - are added to soups, salads, sauces and marinades.

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