Can I eat fresh fish, egg and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


In accordance with a recommendations of FDA, pregnant women, nursing moms and infants want completely give up eating meat, big long-lived fish, particularly sharks, swordfish and king mackerel. These fresh fish are highly large and contain lots of toxic substances. Other species of fish and seafood relatively smaller sizing is safe to eat. So, a recommended amount of seafood consumed want not exceed 12 ounces (340 g) per 7 days. FDA also provides a list of marine life, which found the least volume of mercury: salmon, catfish, pollock, shrimp and lightness tuna, which is used for conservation.

Caviar crab, however good how the crab itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to hygiene. It is considered safe for use during pregnancy and lactation, provided that it is properly cooked or pasteurized. According to the American nutritionist Kimberly A. Tessmer (Kimberley A. Tessmer), unpasteurized eggs in crab can breed bacteria listeria. Listeria can also be found in a raw crab used for sushi. As, in Japan, there is no ban on eating sushi nursing mothers. Author of "Breast-feeding: A guide for hygiene professionals" R. Lawrence wrote that "there is no documented evidence that Listeria enters a milk." However, the placenta, it may penetrate. Therefore, the use of pregnancy raw fish is correct to limit, and when lactation, simply choose a proven and capacity products.

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