Fun with Learning


When a computer or a phone becomes a means to control a behavior of a baby, a parent is a hostage situation. Earning great behavior opportunity to be alone with one another electronically, newborn begins to actively resist attempts to cut adult "play" time, and all proposals for alternative employment perceive hostility. In order to prevent the formation depending on a "way", moms and dads claim to replace its role in a child's your. Let the telephone, television, game console and a computer to solve specific problems!

The development of cognitive functions

Do not let a fumes aimlessly pushing a button. Offer games that can expand his horizons and help to master a variety of skills.

• Training of efforts.

Successive instances of images in varied parts of a screen to help the baby learn to quickly and accurately focus on new subjects. Games built on a principle of "Help hedgehog to gather all the apples" - gym equipment for development of note.

• Familiarity with different colors.

Show a newborn a graphical editor (for example, a program that allows the mouse to draw, like a brush or a pencil). Let a 1st child pictures will be a heap of broken lines and will not be able to please a audience a thrilling story: the chief item that a child will strive all 16.7 million colors and understand what light is variant with pistachio green.

• Evolution of visual perception.

Games, similar a good old "Tetris" or as-called dress, will help the newborn to form an idea about the size of the anatomy, sizing and spatial attributes of objects. It is on this in the next will be based storage of images of letters, numbers and other symbols.

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