10 strict "no" during pregnancy


Pregnancy - is a state of mind, body, and heartiness of a whole body. This is a wonderful and memorable time in a your of the young woman, however, and quite vulnerable. Therefore, the expectant mother can not be vigilant and to be aware that it is strictly forbidden in these 9 weeks paunchy happiness.


The effects of alcohol on a fetus has been correctly investigated. Ethanol readily crosses a placenta directly into the blood of a fetus, causing birth defects. Masks for fase anomalies, microcephaly (underdevelopment of a brain), physical underdevelopment, abnormalities of - that's what threatens a use of alcohol, particularly in a first trimester.


In cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide, which reacts with hemoglobin and replaces any of the oxygen gas exchange. How a effect, both the mom and the fetus lacks oxygen. Intrauterine hypoxia fraught with developmental delays, problems with the cardiovascular system, lowered immunity. Smoking during pregnancy can cause placental abruption, fading pregnancy and even untimely birth. Nicotine also may affect a psyche of a child.


It is believed that excess caffeine causes strain on the cardiovascular system of a mum and a fetus, causing anxiety and may even lead to miscarriage or untimely birthday. But here we must mention that this is how, if drinking more than 3 cups of espresso every day. Gerls with big-pressure coffee at contraindicated.

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